All Seasons River Inn brings an inspiring, innovative new idea in the vacation rental experience that you’re sure to love! The inn, overlooking the Wenatchee River, features seven very beautifully and uniquely designed suites that can be booked individually, or together as a block. Each suite is named after a well-known river, and follows the theme of that location in its design and decor.

The Shenandoah Suite has a warm, inviting turn of the century theme that will soon transition to a country farm theme. Watch as we incorporate a warm green and brown theme with country décor reflective of the warm and beautiful Shenandoah River valley. 

Shenandoah features a private en suite jacuzzi that’s so welcoming after a day on the slopes or hiking trails! Comfortable seating is set in a perfect way to relax, in view of the stunning river and wooded area right outside the window. 


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