The inn, overlooking an absolutely outstanding full view of the Wenatchee River, features seven very beautifully and uniquely designed suites that can be booked individually, or together as a block. Each suite is named after a well-known river, and follows the theme of that location in its design and decor.

The Colorado Suite is the largest of the suites, and is ideal for a couple or a small family– or it can serve as the perfect central gathering place when the inn is booked as a whole unit. Styled after the beautiful Colorado River, this very beautiful and spacious suite is an unbelievable experience in itself!  

The Colorado Suite has several outstanding features, including a large living room with breathtaking views of the river rushing below. A lovely big fireplace is the focal point of this perfect gathering place, with decor and artwork that beautifully create the unique atmosphere of rugged Colorado.

A large deck is set off the dining room, where the absolutely breathtaking river view creates an unbelievably peaceful place to relax and unwind. The very large and attractive, well equipped kitchen is sure to become a favorite place for meal preparation. 


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