“All Seasons River Inn” is one of those amazing ideas, and here at Destination Leavenworth, we’re very excited about it!

Formerly a bed and breakfast, in these recent months “All Seasons River Inn” has been completely redecorated and furnished to become a breathtaking little inn on a picturesque bend in the Wenatchee River. Every suite has an absolutely stunning view of the river right below it. This setting is absolutely the best!

As a small inn, All Seasons can be booked as a whole unit for large groups, creating an ideal place for a family reunion, corporate retreat, or lodging for events. With plenty of spacious room for gathering together, guests can also retreat to their own suite for privacy and quiet contemplation.

Each individual suite is uniquely decorated after a particular river theme from various renowned sites around the country. The Colorado Suite is the largest, creating the perfect hub when the whole inn is booked as one unit. Rugged and earthy, the beautiful decor has a spacious Colorado canyon feel, with large, well equipped kitchen, dining room, game room, master bedroom, and very comfortable living room that features a lovely large fireplace.

The teal, grey, and white tones of the Columbia Suite reflect Washington State in its gorgeous artwork and design. Blue and white decor of the Kennebec Suite will make you feel like you are in New England, overlooking waves and lighthouses. The Rio Grande features rustic warm terra cotta earth tones and faux suede in a wonderful Southwestern style.


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